Chapter 03 – Arjuna weds

Arjuna was not alone when he left. He journeyed like a king, accompanied by many brahamanas reciting from hold Vedas. They were with him to help him in the forest.

One day Arjuna, in his travels came and had a bath in the Ganges. This was near the foothills of the Himalayas. In the cool morning air, this prince took a dip in the river, clad in a silk cloth. He then took some water in his and offered that to the Gods. He took another dip. He was about to leave when something pulled him off.

I was there, hiding, watching him. The virgin widow of the Naga King, I was smitten with desire watching this dark handsome man, naked (the cloth covering him was wet and clinging to his body) each and every muscle perfectly defined, in his body. I could take it no more. I kidnapped him and before he could realize what had happened, he was off to my kingdom.

My fast chariots carried us swiftly to my kingdom. When Arjuna came to his senses , he saw himself in a room with no roof. Sunlight was coming in and a sacrificial fire was burning there with all material needed for worship, closeby. Seeing that fire Arjuna performed his worship with devotion. After finishing his worship Arjuna looked around. He hard some movement and it seemed to someone running. Anklets were heard. Which meant there was a girl or a woman around. Arjuna suddenly realized that all he had on was a single piece of cloth. Embarrased he tried to cover his modesty with his hands and waited to see what would happen next. He then saw me.

I will not forget the scene. A well built man, scars on his shoulder from holding the bow. Defined features. Long hair. Dark complexion. Two hands in front of his loins trying to protect himself. He seemed amazed and embarassed and confused. I asked him to relax. I told him he was my guest and that I had brought him there. I wanted to know who he was and what was doing in the hills. Also I called my staff and asked them to fetch clothes for the guest.

Dressed and relaxed, Arjuna told me about himself. He was comfortable talking to me. I was lost in him. The feeling seemed mutual. He stayed with me for a few days. We got married in Gandharva style. He made love to me.

After a few days, he relaized he needed to leave. He asked me to go with him, but I refused. My place was with my people, I told him. I told him my heart would be with him and I would be there with him always. He was lonely. He had won Panchali and now she was the wife of all five brothers. I would not leave my land, so I could not be his. He wanted someone his own. I asked him to go to Manipur and said I would leave him there.

With a heavy heart we decided to part. He refused to deck himself and said he was in exile now and was not a prince. I took him to Manipur. He went to explore the kingdom and I went back home to my land to be with my people.

Was this my last meeting with him? I was sad. I was heart broken. Fate had other things in store and somewhere I had a role to play in that. I was also happy. Unknown to Arjuna, I was carrying Arjuna’s seed. That was my consolation.

Arjuna met Chitravahana, the ruler of Manipur. He introduced himself and was hartily welcomed. He met the beautiful Chitrangada there. She was Chitravahana’s only child. Arjuna desired to possess her. He asked for her hand. Chitravahana then told him about Prabhajana. Prabhanjana was childless. He prayed to Mahadeva and was given a boon. The boon was that he would have a child. Everyone in his race would one child child only, is born to every successive descendant of his race. So far there had been only sons. Chitravahana had a daughter. She had been brought up like a son and she was destined to bear the heir to his kingdom. He could not let Chitrangada out of his site. He told Arjuna that he could marry Chitrangada but when she had a child, she would not leave with Arjuna. Arjuna stayed for a few years in Manipur. When Chitrangada at last gave birth to a son, Arjuna left Manipur.

Around this time my son was born too.

He wandered around and one day while taking a bath in river, he was attacked by a crocodile. Arjuna was strong. With all his might he dragged the crocodile from the water. The moment he did that, the crocodile changed into a beautiful maiden. She said had been cursed as she had to entice a sage, deep in meditation. He told us that Arjuna, the mighty prince would deliver us from our curse.

Travelling west wards, Arjuna reached Prabhasha. This was the land of Krishna, Arjuna’s dear friend and cousin. Krishna welcomed him. He told Krishna about the brahmana, his cows, about me, about Chitrangada and his son and about the crocodile.
Krishna took him to Dwarka so could see Krishna’s land and be His guest.

There Arjuna met Bhadra. The beautiful girl was so nice in her looks and nature that all called her SuBhadra. She was Krishna’s sister. Knowing that Arjuna liked his sister, and also knowing what fate had in store, Krishna agreed to give his sister away to Arjuna. With Arjuna’s consent, Krishna requested Vasudeva’s permission. Vasudeva was the father of Krishna and SuBhadra. He agreed to the match.

Krishna’s elder brother was against the match. Krishna advised Arjuna to abduct SuBhadra. He had asked SuBhadra and she had told Krishna that she liked Arjuna wanted to be his wife. Krishna told Arjuna to deck a charriot with all possible weapons and wait near a temple, where SuBhadra would be coming to worship the Gods.

When SuBhadra was coming out of the temple, Arjuna abducted her. Krishna reasoned with his father and others advising them to agree to let Arjuna take SuBhadra away. All agreed and Krishna himself went and fetched both his sister and Arjuna. They were married with full celebrations and when the time of the exile was over, along with SuBhadra, Arjuna left for Khandavaprastha.

He paid his respects to his brother and then approached Panchali. She refused to speak to him and asked him to go to where his new love was. Arjuna decided to do something. He asked SuBhadra to dress like a maid and approach Panchali. SuBhadra paid respects to Kunti and then approached Panchali and said she was there to serve the queen of KhandavaPrashtha. Struck by her humility, Panchali embraced her.

Krishna then took his elder brother to visit SuBhadra. Yudhisthira welcomed all. Balabhadra, Krishna’s brother, seeing his sister happy was pleased. All his anger gone, he blessed all and left. Krishna decided to stay in his aunt’s house. Arjuna’s mother, Kunti, was Krishna’s father, Vasudeva’s sister.

Soon a son was born to Subhadra. He was called Abhimanyu. Around this time Panchali also gave bith to her children.
Prativindhya by Yudhishthira, Sutasoma by Bhima, Srutakarman by Arjuna, Satanika by Nakula, and Srutasena by Sahadeva were born to her by each of her five husbands. Sacred thread ceremony was performed for all the six princes.

Chitrangada’s son was Vabruvahan and my son was Iravat. They grew seperately. I met Chitrangada a few times. We shared a similar story. We both had sons from the same man. We both were not with our love. Due to this, our friendship grew. Our sons became good friends.