A Begining – Starting to write

I want to write. Actually have been thinking for a long time, thoughts have been there and all I have been doing is thinking. Now I want to start putting the thoughts to paper (okay not really, but then how do I ‘pen’ words on a computer? That’s another thought though) and put them in shape.
Let me see how that goes.

Writing needs a topic. So what should I write on? Actually that is where my problem lies. I have thoughts floating in my head, and many a times I am writing away mentally. This is an effort to put it somewhere. The idea, maybe one day I go back and look at this and check what I had written. Probably connecting with what I was going through then.

I love to write as long as it is not the school kind of writing. In school they would give you a topic and tell you write on that. And usually the topics were such that there wasn’t much one could do,except write the usual lengthy essays.

I want to be free with my writing. It needs to reflect what I like to write about, what I feel like putting in writing and also whether I can actually write or not. I mean that. It is simple to put words down and write away. But if there was a reader, would that person be interested in reading? Also how original is my writing?

Mythology, especially Hindu Mythology interests me a lot. The amount of material available there is humongous. One could spend a life time and still not finish reading and comprehending all of that. And I am talking Mythology here. Not the Vedas and Upanishads which deal with philosophy and science.

I am referring to books where Gods came to earth, fought with demons, lots of action, drama, stories Рthat kind of material. When these were being written, I presume, the idea was to get the common person to identify with the personalities in the stories. They could correlate the stories of the books with their lives.